The purpose of the Guidance Department is to offer assistance with the various problems students may face in school. The guidance counselor will assist students with the transition from junior high school to high school, and is committed to help students meet their potential. Students are encouraged to go to their counselor for help. Information on various occupations, the armed services, college, and summer jobs is also available in the Guidance Department.

Guidance Appointments
Students can make appointments to see their guidance counselor based on their individual schedules, such as lunch periods and/or free periods. Parents are encouraged to call the guidance counselor to schedule appointments to discuss concerns or to check on their child's academic progress.

Permanent Records
A record of each student's progress is maintained in the Guidance Office until graduation. After graduation, records will be held in a central location. An individual's file information may include mandated and permitted data such as a permanent list of subjects completed with all grades obtained, record of attendance, academic rank, final grade-point average, and an official statement of graduation. The mandated records left are never destroyed. Permitted records shall be preserved for a period of up to three years after graduation or after the student has left the district. Only authorized organizations, agencies, or persons defined by law may have access to student records. For further information contact the High School Guidance Office.