Pupil Path is a student information system for parents and students. Pupil Path allows parents and
students to view important student and school information such as student attendance records, class
schedule, assignment due dates and grades, graduation eligibility, school announcements, and more. This is
a convenient tool for both parents and students to keep up with class work and student performance.

First, you must register on Pupil Path. You will be receiving or have already received a Pupil Path invitation.
This letter will provide you with your student’s OSIS (ID) number and the registration code you need in order
to sign up. If you have not received your invitation letter, or have lost your letter, please contact us.

Make sure you have your invitation letter nearby when you register. You’ll need information from the invitation to complete the registration process.

To register for Pupil Path, you’ll need to:

(1)  Go to  www.pupilpath.com
(2)  Click “Parents Register.” or if you are a student, click "Student Register."

           (Click to Enlarge Image)

(3) Enter your e-mail address (not optional).

(4) Select your Prefix (Mr. Mrs., etc.), then enter your First Name and Last Name.

(5)  Choose 02M427 – Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language from the Drop Down menu.

(6)  Enter your child’s 9-digit student OSIS Number in the Student ID field. Your child’s OSIS number is located on the Pupil Path letter provided to you.

(7)  Select your child’s Birthday by clicking in the Date of Birth field and choosing the appropriate date from the calendar that appears. You may also type in the birthday as MM/DD/YYYY.

(8)  Enter your Registration Code. Your Registration Code is located on the Pupil Path letter provided to you.

(9) Click “Register.”

You will receive an E-mail with your password and a link to activate your account. Please keep this E-mail in case you forget your password.

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