School Policies

This page highlights some of the information about the school activities, policies and philosophy. We urge all students and families to become familiar with this material by reading the complete Students Handbook. All members in our school community support our goal of achieving a quality education through the development of pride, honor, honesty and self. We show our pride by respecting others, ourselves and our environment. We honor education by striving for excellence in our classroom and community. We are honest in all our relations with our families, teachers and other students. We develop and discover our place in life through learning and experiencing through academics and the arts.

Free Meals for All

All NYC public school students are welcome to enjoy free breakfast and lunch at school. For more information, please see Students Handbook and NYCDOE site Free Meals for All.

Arrival Procedures Each morning students will go through scanning and show identification cards upon entry to school. Students may take the escalators or stairs up to the 6th floor for breakfast (8:15AM-8:40AM). Students not having breakfast may enter the 5th floor for classes at 8:40AM and wait until class begins at 8:44 AM. Students are expected to arrive on time to class everyday. If class begins at 8:44AM students must be in their seats with their notebooks, pencils, homework and required classroom materials out on their desks ready to begin their school day. Students are representing our school at all times and should be mindful of their behavior.

Departure Procedures
When school is dismissed, students must leave the building if they are not participating in an after-school activity.


Student participation in all regularly scheduled classroom learning activities in each area of study is essential in order for each student to receive the maximum benefits of a thorough educational program. The entire process of education requires regular continuity of instruction, classroom participation, learning experiences, and study. We cannot condone, excuse, or encourage any absence by students. Students who miss class for any reason must complete assignments missed because of their absence.

Absence Policy

When a student is absent from school, a parent/guardian must call on that day of the absence or earlier and clearly state the student's name and grade in order to report an absence at Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language call: (212) 576-0502 On the day the student returns to school he/she must bring documentation excusing the absence to be signed by the teacher and documented by the Attendance Coordinator. If a student is going to be out for more than 1 day please call the school office to inform the Attendance coordinator of the absences.

If a student is absent from school between 5-7 times during a semester the student will have missed nearly ¼ of instructional time. This might lead to failure for the semester.

Student Dress

Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language is a uniform school. Students must wear the uniform every day to school. Boys and girls must wear the school black collared shirt and may choose to wear a black hooded sweatshirt or sweater. Boys can wear beige/sand pants or Bermuda (long) shorts and girls can wear beige/sand pants, skirts (no mini) or Bermuda (long) shorts. All students will wear black shoes or all black sneakers. All students are expected to arrive to school already dressed appropriately in their uniform. There will be no changing out of the uniform on school premises.

Code of Discipline

For students to do good work and be good citizens of the school community students are expected to arrive on time, be present in all classes and follow school regulations. The following are acts which will NOT be tolerated.

1. Refusing to show proper identification to any school official.

2. Failure to wear the school uniform.

3. Leaving the building without permission.

4. Smoking in the building or on the same block.

5. Electronic devices including cell phones, headphones, earphones, iPods, beepers and radios are not allowed in the building.

6. Wearing hats, bandanas, beads, do-rags, stocking caps and flags on any part of the body.

7. Playing cards/dice within the school building.

8. Cutting classes.

9. Academic dishonesty (cheating, copying or plagiarism)

10. Graffiti

11. Use of profanity or threatening language.

12. Possession of narcotics or alcoholic beverages.

13. Assault of any member of the school community.

15. Possession of a weapon.

16. Fighting

Respect for All:

For information about school policies related to harassment and safety, please see: NYC DOE Discipline Code:

For information about NYC DOE school rules and policies, please see:

Chancellor's Regulations:

Internet Acceptable Use Policy:

Digital Citizenship:

Parent Social Media Guide for Students:

For complete information, please visit:

Depending on the infraction, consequences for breaking school rules will vary from failure to pass classes, meeting with the student’s parents/guardians to 1 day - 1 week long suspensions. Any items that are confiscated from items 5-7 will be held by school officials until a parent or guardian can pick the item up at a pre-designated time and date. Depending on the student’s age, nature and circumstances of the offense students will be subject to consequences set forth by the New York City Department of Education Code of Discipline.