Staff Directory

Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language is an academic school designed for English Language Learners. It seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success in post-secondary education and a global multi-cultural society.


  • Ms. Boletsis, Principal

  • Ms. Bergfeld, Assistant Principal

  • Ms. Tedeschi, Assistant Principal

Guidance Counselor

  • Ms. Rojas, Guidance Counselor

  • Ms. Vasquez, Guidance Counselor

Social Worker

  • Alex Abell, Social Worker


  • Ms. Kaur-Uppal, ESL

  • Ms. McCoy, ESL

  • Ms. Macaluso, ESL/Testing/ELL Coordinator



Social Studies

Foreign Language

Instructional Support Services

Health & Physical Education

  • Mr. Romero, Physical Education

  • Mr. Wiener, Physical Education


  • Ms. Turken, Para/High School Records and Transcripts

Support Staff

  • Ms. Cardi, Parent Coordinator

  • Ms. Martinez, School Aide