Student Activities

My name is Yurkis Mercedes and I am a Spanish teacher at Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language. I am also the Coordinator of Student Activities (COSA), which allows me the opportunity to work closely with not only my students, but also with the entire school population. As COSA, I am responsible for the organization and supervision of events in school and outside of school which include but are not limited to the supervision of student government, pep rallies, school dance, shows, fund raising events, bake sales, and breast cancer walk, etc.

The main objective for COSA is to promote diverse year round school events and extracurricular activities that will help foster a unique school spirit through student involvement in clubs and activities as well as develop leadership skills through student involvement in Student Government and or participation in school activities and events.

Although I am the coordinator of the activities I do not work alone. COSA works closely with the Student Government, with students’ clubs and with our College Office. MAAL students are offered the opportunity of exposure to a variety of cultural, social and academic activities through this collaboration.