This page highlights some of the information about the school activities, policies and philosophy. We urge all students and families to become familiar with this material by reading the complete Students Handbook. All members in our school community support our goal of achieving a quality education through the development of pride, honor, honesty and self. We show our pride by respecting others, our environment and ourselves. We honor education by striving for excellence in our classroom and community. We are honest in all our relations with our families, teachers and other students. We develop and discover our place in life through learning and experiencing through academics and the arts.

StudentHandbook2324- Eng 1.pdf
StudentHandbook-SPA-23-24 1.pdf

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Siv Boletsis, Principal

Pearla Bergfeld, Assistant Principal

Devorah Tedeschi, Assistant Principal

111 East 33rd Street, New York, NY, 10016

Tel: 212-576-0502 Fax: 212-576-0518

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